Established October 2018 with 12 original members. The APFA members are made up 100% of existing Urban Air Franchisees. All members have backgrounds that range from legal, medical, Franchising, finance, banking, entrepreneurship, restaurateurs and education professionals.

The purpose of the Association is to encourage franchisor-franchisee communications and relations, increase franchisee awareness through publications and seminars, improve franchised business conditions, and promote and foster the interests of franchisees of the APFA, INC., a Delaware corporation (together with any successor, assign or affiliate thereof which sells Urban Air Adventure Park franchises.) The APFA, Inc. is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the business interests of all Urban Air Adventure Park franchisees. From supporting the growth of the Urban Air Adventure Park brand, to providing support to franchisees about issues affecting their businesses. The APFA strives to provide opportunities to interact and learn from fellow franchisees and collaborate with the franchisor to improve brand equity for all stakeholders.

“Maximize the profitability and the value of all urban air franchisees by focusing on revenue and expenses.”

The mission of the APFA is to protect and advance the needs and interests of the Urban Air Franchisee in order to increase profitability. To establish a working relationship with the Franchisor in order to facilitate these goals.

To assist in collective bargaining activities on behalf of all franchisees represented by the Association; to promote the general financial health of the members of the Association; to be a strong, forceful advocate for the adventure park owners and to be the ultimate guardian and defender against the usurping of the reasonable span of control and profits of our member’s parks.